“Harvey Silver and colleagues have made a great framework even better.”

—Robert J. Marzano, Co-founder and Chief Academic Officer, Marzano Research

“This book is packed with powerful, easy-to-use tools. Anyone who wants to improve teaching—teacher, coach, administrator, anyone—will find it incredibly useful.”

—Jim Knight, author of "The Impact Cycle" and "Better Conversations"

“This book is an ideal resource for meeting the growing call for 'best first instruction.' It is strongly aligned to the 'Classroom Instruction That Works' research base, and it provides high-impact tools that help educators turn the research into powerful classroom practice.”

—Bj Stone, Co-author, "Classroom Instruction That Works (Second Edition)"

“This book of practical tools meets teachers at the crossroads of easy, effective, and exhilarating. Thoughtful Classroom tools are always one of my go-to’s for planning professional learning. All educators will benefit from incorporating these tried-and-true tools into their repertoires.”

—Nicholas DiSanto, Borough Instructional Lead, Affinity Field Support Center, New York, NY

“‘Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works’ has helped our schools develop a shared, research-based instructional focus and engage in deep conversations about how students learn best. It has also provided easy to personalize grab-and-go resources for our teachers. Rarely does a single text offer both.”

—Ross Cohen, Program Administrator, Special Education Department,
Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), New York, NY

"I have used Thoughtful Classroom tools to turn around four different schools with varying demographics and challenges. My current school system has adopted a tools-based approach to professional development district-wide because of the growth that tools have helped us to create in our elementary school. I know from experience that these tools provide teachers with the ‘know-how’ they need to make a huge impact on student success."

—Robert Wilson, Principal, Lyman Hall Elementary, Gainesville, GA

"As a principal of an elementary school I am constantly looking for resources for my teachers. So often the resources I find are filled with ‘what’ teachers should be doing with little support on the ‘how.’  This book was designed for busy teachers that need a ‘how’ they can use the next day. It provides great tools backed by solid research that will benefit new and veteran educators alike. I can't wait to get this resource in the hands of my teachers!"

—Kellie Roe, Principal, Clear Sky Elementary, Castle Rock, CO

"This book offers practical tools that work in real classrooms—and that are based on sound educational research and design principles. These tools will promote high levels of learning and deep understanding for all the students in your classroom."

—Lynese Zukowski, Teacher, 6th Grade, Clear Sky Elementary, Castle Rock, CO

“An outstanding resource filled with practical tools and strategies for teachers at all levels. It’s sensibly organized and efficient. A must have and immediately useful.”

—Bryan Breuer, Principal, Goddard Middle School, Littleton, CO