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The reproducible pages and supplemental resources referenced in your copy of Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works can be accessed using the links below.

PART I: Tools for Creating the Environment for Learning

 Chapter 1: Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback

Reproducible Pages:


Learning Window

Basic Goal Card & Goal Card with Action Plan

Expanded Goal Card


Supplemental Resources:

• Habits of Mind Reference Page

• Learning Window Reference Page

Chapter 2: Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

Reproducible Pages:


•  I Can and I Will Contract

Effort Tracker Form

Got It

Error Analysis Form

Chapter 3: Cooperative Learning

Reproducible Pages:

Team-O-Graph, version_1

Team-O-Graph, version_2

Clock Partners

PART II: Tools for Helping Students Develop Understanding

 Chapter 4: Cues, Questions, and Advance Organizers

Reproducible Pages:

Vocabulary Knowledge Rating Organizer

Questioning in Style Planning Form

Power Previewing Organizer (Nonfiction)

Power Previewing Organizer (Fiction)

Chapter 5: Nonlinguistic Representations

Reproducible Pages:

Minds Eye Organizer

Split Screen

 Chapter 6: Summarizing and Note Taking

Reproducible Pages:

AWESOME Summary Checklist

4-2-1 Summarize Organizer

Reciprocal Teaching Strategies

Window Notes

Chapter 7: Assigning Homework and Providing Practice

Reproducible Pages:

• HOME Learning Planner

How to Become a PRO at Procedures

PART III: Tools for Helping Students Extend and Apply Knowledge


Chapter 8: Identifying Similarities and Differences

Reproducible Pages:

Description Organizer

• "Top Hat" Comparison_Organizer

Chapter 9: Generating and Testing Hypotheses

Supplemental Resources:

Student Explanation

PART IV: From Tools to Design


Reproducible Pages:

Reflecting On My Practice